Flirty Things to Say to a Girl

#1 Did you get clothed for me or do you always look this good? A compliment covered in a question is the foremost way to get her thinking about the probable of you becoming a “thing. ” Maintain it simple and nonsexual to stay away from creepy region. [Read: How to make a girl like you without asking her out]

#2 You have a beautiful smile. A basic statement is all you need to flirt with a girl. That one expression replays in her mind all day long.

#3 How exactly does a girl like you stay single? Allow her know you’d grab her up in a heartbeat if her cardiovascular beats for you. [Read: Cute ways to ask a girl away and get a “yes”]

#4 Do you look this good at the morning? Sometimes I would like to determine first palm. Sure, this is a nice straightforward “I want to rest with you” comment. However if you say it the right way, soft and lovely, it gets her contemplating sex with you, without approaching too strong.

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