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Planning a trip to Japan? You’ve got probably already started wondering about the kinds of things you will do once you arrive. You undoubtedly in addition have an approximate concept of how long you will stay in Japan, as well as whether you will return straight home afterward or travel through to another destination first. At this point, you have probably started thinking about travel costs in Japan, also.

It really is crucial to properly estimate the expenses of your trip to Japan tour (visit the following web site) before you decide to embark. It is no secret that travel to and within Japan is just not cheap. On the flip side, you can manage making a Japan trip on a shoestring budget – if needed – but still have an excellent time. Whether your travel budget is fairly generous or perhaps a bit constrained, smart cost planning will greatly enhance your probability of having an incredible trip. Doing this will likely help you avoid surprises.

If you’re curious about travel costs for Japan, below are some rough estimates for 7 types of Japan travel costs (all estimates are provided in United States of America dollars):

Airfare prices:

This really is going to be the biggest – and also most variable – of your Japan trip costs. The factors that influence just how much or little you find yourself paying for your flight back and forth from Japan include the time of year you intend to travel, your choice of air carrier, and of-course your departure city. If you live near a significant city, you should be able to locate a direct flight to Japan without needing to transfer plans en route.

With regards to costs, they really vary. As an example, you should expect to pay as little as $350 (if traveling from Korea or parts of China) to $1,000 to $2,000 or maybe more if traveling from Europe, Australia or even the Americas. If your travel dates are flexible, make sure you plug in different dates into an online travel planner to view how the rates vary by travel date.

Transportation from the airport to your place of lodging:

If you will be landing in Osaka or Tokyo (most of the people do), you shall need to arrange ground transportation from the airport to your place of lodging. From both Narita International Airport and Kansai International Airport, you can find train service into the city for about $25. Additionally, a popular choice for travelers flying into Narita is to take an express bus into Tokyo for around $40. The bus shall take you directly to a major train station in the heart of Tokyo.

Hotel, inn, and bed & breakfast rates:

Rates for a 3- or 4-star Western style hotel in a big city will usually start at around $150 or $200 per night. If your budget is more limited and/or if you want to have a more authentic Japan travel experience, trying staying in a ryokan (inn) or minshuku (bed and breakfast) for around $40-$60 per night. Hostels will cost even less.

Eating out:

High-end meals in Tokyo can run $100/plate or higher, but you’ll find food options to match just about any budget. At the low end of things, you may find convenience stores on just about every major street corner that provide healthy snacks and meals for under $5.


Again, convenience stores are a great way to keep yourself fed if you are traveling in Japan on a budget. $5 per meal is a reasonable budget whenever you go this route. You can find tuna sandwiches, pre-made salads, onigiri (rice balls with meat or vegetable filling), chips, as well as hot soup (o-den) throughout the winter months.

Sightseeing and special attractions:

Japan offers a huge variety of sightseeing options and special attractions. For instance, entrance to Tokyo Disneyland will surely cost you under $70 per person, while entrance fees into Yokohama’s Hakkejima Sea Paradise and other aquariums usually run around $30-$50.


Want to travel home with a bagful of souvenirs for family and friends? Make sure to intend to spend $10 – $50/person to bring something special home for everyone on your list.

Remember, costs are always changing. But, you may use the prices listed above as rough guidelines while you plan your Japanese dream vacation. Then, make sure to go through a travel agent or visit the different attractions’ or hotels’ sites to be able to get more exact pricing as your trip draws near.

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