FILA opens a new season of pure love to “white”

He is a fila shoes former stadium monster, shaking his back and turning over and throwing a jumper is a must, full of strength. His tough style was enough to make people unforgettable. In that year, as one of FILA’s former spokespersons, FILA launched his signature shoe Mashburn 1 Mid, accompanied him to express the “monster” force. 20 years later, the monster returned, fila brasileiro FILA MB1 classic re-engrave became the trend symbol, the solid color leather upper and the middle bottom respectively caused the side wall texture like the rolling waves like the wild is an interpretation of his tough style, but also his heroic posture Memorial.

Before Christmas this season, on December 22nd, FILA and OG launched [FILA MB1 x OG Christmas], which will bring the warmth of Christmas to your eyes with a new color. The design of the FILA MB1 x OG shoe is inspired by the red nosed reindeer who sent gifts to children around the world with Santa Claus in the story of Red Nose Rudolph. He has a distinctive red nose and is born with a difference. Its characteristics. The upper is made of cow’s two-layer suede leather.

The overall color fila brasileiro reproduction restores the color and fur texture of the reindeer, and the touch is delicate and warm. It’s not hard to find that many details of the shoes and the outer packaging are embellished with Christmas elements and colors, including soles, laces, etc. From the leather boots to the insole you can find various elements related to FILA, OG and Christmas. . Whether it’s from material to detail or packaging, it’s full of Christmas warmth and texture.

At the end of the FILA 105 anniversary, the Christmas model comes in love, this pair of exquisite shoes will be sold in a limited edition of 105 pairs, each pair has an independent number! Before the official release of one of the project planners and well-known Sneaker Zhang Jing, he used video to explain his FILA feelings and the story behind the cooperation: Today, at the press conference of Sanlitun in Beijing, the FILA MB1 x OG officially Debut in front of media friends and Sneaker.

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