Bikini Tan Lines

Do you love having bikini tan lines? Everyone is different.

Some people don’t like them, then there are those like yourself who must have them. Here are some great tips on how to get great bikini tan lines.

Step 1Sunbathing. Suit up in your favorite bikini and head out to the beach or local pool. Find a nice spot where there is plenty of sun shining brightly. Make sure you have your favorite lounging chair or put down a towel and tendance beachwear a beach pillow to support your head and neck.

Depending on your skin tone, you should spend no more than a few minutes at a time on each the front and back side. You can see when you are tanning. If you are the type that burns, then you might want to spend only a few minutes each day in the sun. Don’t over do it and remember to apply plenty of suntan lotion.

Step 2Tanning Beds. Tanning beds are great for getting nice and smooth bikini tan lines. You can adjust your straps and just lay back, relax and enjoy. The best thing about the tanning beds is you don’t have to spend all day obtaining tan lines. It frees you up so you’ll have time to run errands.

Step 3Get airbrushed. Your local salon can apply a simple air brushing around your bikini so you end up with beautiful smooth tan lines. It’s fast, safe and easy. A wonderful thing about getting airbrushed is you can alternate bikini tan lines with each application. Monday you can have pucker back tan lines and Tuesday you can switch to thong tan lines.

It’s just that simple.

Step 4Spray Tanning Booth. Step into a concealed booth with your favorite bikini on and a machine will spray you with tanning solution all over your body. It’s cost effective and extremely fast. This is another way you can alternate bikini tan lines as often as you want.

It’s much faster thansunbathing.

Step 5Tanning Cream. If you want to do things yourself, there are plenty of tanning creams that add color to your skin and you can just apply it around your favorite bikini or swimsuit. It usually only takes a few minutes and you can apply your makeup over it for your face if you want.

These are just a few ways you can have a sexy bikini tan line any time that you want. They also allow you to alternate your bikini tan line so whichever swimsuit you wore previously, the lines don’t show. 

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