Google translate will automatically recognize languages and display direct translation

Soon we can count on integrating lightning-fast translations of text with new camera functionality for Google translate.

Instant Camera Google Translate

Google showed on its I/O developer Conference a new Instant Camera feature for Google Lens with which it is possible to translate text at a glance. Lens can recognize the language of a text immediately and immediately shows the translation as a view on top of the original text and with the same font. Previously you could translate into lens text, but before that you had to tap on Google translate to see a simple translated transcription of the text that the camera had captured.

Dutch translations in Google translate greatly improved thanks to new translation algorithm

Google is now also working on an implementation of the feature for Google translate. The feature was discovered by 9To5Google in the code of version 5.29 of the app, but the feature is not yet live for the time being. With Instant Camera, there is an improvement for the current live translation of google vertalen nederlands engels; just click the up coming web site,’s popular translation application. It makes it possible to recognize a language and to show at a glance the translation on top of the original text. Today you have to select the language you want to translate into the app itself.

Furthermore, Google is also going to improve the quality of the translations. Now if you use the camera function in translate, you can see the overlay of text change all the time and you sometimes get to see the strangest translations of words.


The feature for Lens is available in 100 different languages and we expect that translate will therefore support more languages with its camera function. It is not yet known when users can get started with the new Instant Camera, but it seems that the development is already quite advanced.

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