Where To Find Cingular Ringtones

The easiest way to customize your new Cingular cell phone is to check out some of the many Cingular ringtones available on the company’s web site or by third-party distributors online.  Cingular, which is now a part of the AT&T family, is the largest wireless communications service provider in the U. S., with an estimated 50 million customers.  With such a huge market of Cingular cell phone users, the company has gone to great lengths to provide a variety of ways to customize phones, including the use of free and fee-based Cingular ringtones.

Download Free Free Ringtones, Free Ringtones 1.0 DownloadAfter all, with approximately 50 million Cingular cell phone users in the U. S., it could become easy for customers to feel like “just another number.”  But by using many of the great Cingular accessories and ringtones, your phone can now be as unique as you are.

A high percentage of Cingular users belong to the younger demographic, and especially with these younger customers, customization of their phone and taking advantage of accessories and extra services is quite popular.  And of course, the most common place to start when customizing your phone is to locate and download a custom Cingular ringtone.

As well as accessing free ringtones and other extras on the Cingular web site, the company’s users can now take advantage of additional services and even more ringtones available on the AT&T web site. The acquisition of Cingular by AT&T gives customers far greater choice in purchasing phone accessories or ringtones, and also ensures that the Cingular network is now the most reliable in the continental United States.

But besides downloading ringtones from the Cingular or AT&T web sites, users can also take advantage of many third-party ringtone companies online.  A quick search on your favorite search engine will reveal dozens of popular ringtone web sites that cater to Cingular cell phone users, as well as nearly any other phone available in the US.

But it pays to be careful when shopping for singular ringtones on third-party web sites.  While some of these companies are certainly legitimate and provide a good service to the user at a reasonable cost, unfortunately, there are also less reputable “spam” web sites offering ringtones as well.

Many times, the less reputable ringtone web sites will actually offer one or more Cingular ringtones free.  This sounds like a pretty good deal, but if you read the fine print — usually located in small text at the very bottom of the web site — you will find that most of these “free” ringtones are not free at all.

One common scam is to confuse users into signing up for a recurring subscription service that will be billed to their credit card on a weekly or sometimes monthly basis.  These recurring fees will continue until the subscription is canceled by the user, which can often be a confusing and time consuming process.

The best way to avoid these kinds of disreputable web sites, is simply to download your singular ringtones from the company’s web site.  Registration is simple, and you will not have to worry about being “tricked” into signing up for any services you don’t want.  You will find there is a wide variety of Cingular ringtones available, and many are even offered for free to registered Cingular users.

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