Free Ringtones for the iPhone – How to Work Around Apple’s Fee

The Purge Alarm Siren | Free Ringtone Downloads | Siren SoundsThe ultimate in mobile phone customization is the creation and utilization of mobile ringtones. This has become increasingly popular among iPhone and iPhone 3g users mainly because users create ringtones based off of their existing library. The popular iPhone by Apple, has a built-in music library known as iTunes which allows users to download music and video files via their computer or the internet. Once the files are in the iTunes music library, users can then create personal ringtones using whatever song or sound file they wish.

But here is where it gets tricky! iTunes requires users to purchase the ringtone sequence even if they already own the song. So how is it possible to get free ringtones? Well to solve that problem there are two fairly well-known applications that are used, iToner and iPhoneRingtoneMaker. iToner is a Ringtone Categories manager for Mac users, while iPhoneRingtoneMaker is run using Windows. Both applications cost $15, hopefully less than the amount of ringtones users are planning on uploading. According to a recent article posted by Wired on September 12, 2008, the most recent iTunes update appeared to have crippled iPhoneRingtoneMaker for some users however, iToner seemed to remain functional.

Aside from purchasing those applications, users can still pay a single dollar and avoid the entire headache associated with trying to get free ringtones. With that said, it has been my experience that many users find it difficult to set their desired ringtones. A simple step by step guide can be found in AppCraver’s troubleshooting section with information on how to create ringtones on the iPhone.

If you feel that paying a dollar per ringtone just isn’t cutting it, check for updates on AppCraver to see if current applications still work or to find new applications that will let users create free ringtones.

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