Fixing the Riddle of Morgellons

Morgellons is a horrific disease that’s gripping individuals of all ages and backgrounds. When patients go to their doctor covered with lesions and complaining of insects crawling underneath their skin, they are typically written off as mentally unstable and labeled with “Delusions of Parasitosis”. Thus begins a seemingly finishless nightmare of struggling and isolation that’s devastating households worldwide with growing frequency.

Morgellons Disease is in the beginning a physiological terrain problem. The body physiology of Morgellons patients is being altered so they develop into a welcoming host for the expansion of soil and plant based mostly pathogens that don’t usually belong in humans.

Compromised immunity seems to be the foremost contributing factor that “units the stage” or “opens the door”… first to fungal, viral or mycoplasmic an infection, and then to a variety of opportunistic infections and at last to parasites.

Regardless of how and why these plant based mostly organisms are discovering a home in human hosts, the query stays as to the best way to safely and permanently destroy them, remove their poisonous byproducts, and restore normal physiological balance to the human bioterrain or inner environment.

Factors That Complicate Morgellons Treatment

Thyroid and adrenal suppression seem to be a standard denominator among many Morgellons patients, and will actually be the underlying cause of immune deficiency that opens the door to their normally unwelcome guests. According to current case research published within the Journal of Case Reports, low body temperature, immune suppression and elevated inflammatory markers were widespread to nearly all the patients studied.1

Anyone who has endured marathon struggles with candida overgrowth can attest to the issue of displacing established fungal infections. Chronic candidiasis sufferers may testify to the burdening effect that chronic low stage fungal infection causes on the immune system. Fungal mycotoxins are xenoestrogens which further suppress thyroid operate, leading to secondary opportunistic infections.

Fungi and soil-based micro organism have demonstrated great survival capabilities long before the advent of genetic engineering. As soon as parasitic organisms claim a welcome house in a human host, these proven survivors can be tough to displace.

Additional complicating Morgellons therapy is the biofilm potential of microorganisms. When micro organism are organized in biofilms, they produce highly efficient biochemical substances which individual bacteria are unable to supply alone. Because the dense extracellular matrix and the outer layer of cells in a biofilm infection protect the interior of the neighborhood, antibiotic resistance could be reportedly be elevated a thousand fold.2

Restoring the Bioterrain

Antifungal and antimicrobial agents may be successfully used to directly oppose the varied microbial threats. However, if steps usually are not taken to restore regular physiology at the cellular level, a Morgellons sufferer will possible endure an ever repeating cycle of infection and reinfection.

Morgellons patients do not have the option of sterilizing their bodies the way we are able to sterilize soil in order to exterminate pathogens and get a fresh start, but they will take steps to restore normal physiology within the body (as is completed in soil) by eating alkalizing foods and introducing vital nutrients to advertise detoxification pathways.

They will use probiotics (friendly bacteria) and digestive enzymes to restore mucosal immunity, reduce inflammation and enhance the power to get vitamins into cells. They’ll take omega-three fats to help control irritation and improve circulation, and antioxidants to neutralize harmful free radicals that steal cellular vitality. They can take nutritional vitamins and key minerals like magnesium and iodine to balance pH and thyroid function and fuel cellular energy production. They will take glandular extracts to restore the function of their thymus, the master gland of immunity.

These are the foundational pathways of health: strong and balanced immunity, proficient absorption and assimilation of nutrients, unhindered (mobile) energy production, efficient removal of poisonous wastes and environmental contaminants, and robust bones, which act as a storehouse for alkalizing minerals and a maturation site for immune cells.

Because of the stubborn and ever adapting nature of the microbes and parasitic organisms concerned with Morgellons, sufferers shouldn’t count on a first round knockout, but a multiple spherical epic struggle. With trustworthy willpower and by God’s grace, this is a battle worth combating; it is a battle that may be and is being won.

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