Volleyball Shirts

먹튀There is a lot of variety in terms of the shirts that are worn when playing Volleyball. Some teams will wear singlets, but majority of teams will wear a shirt. These shirts are functional in a few ways. A good volleyball shirt will be designed so that it breathes easily, and has a bit of stretch. If you are playing in a shirt that isn’t able to stretch you will find that at times it gets caught, and this can be very annoying. If the shirt doesn’t breath properly then you will have a hard time sweating correctly, which in turn means you don’t keep as cool as you should be.

Like other sports, Volleyball Shirts have a number written on the front and the back of the shirt. The number on the back of the shirt is usually large and right in the centre of the shirt. Sometimes there is a nickname underneath the number. Most shirts also have their club, school or country that they are representing written on the shirt as well. On the front of the shirt most often there is the same number, but slightly smaller and in the top left hand corner.

Its important that every player in the team has a different number, or you will not be allowed to play at all. The umpires and judges use the numbers to identify players, and before each game every player’s details are written down next to their numbers. This helps for players to be identified for faults and for judges who are looking for the top players to give awards. The shirts have to be the same as well, or you wont be allowed on the court. In fact, some umpires will not even allow a team to play if they have socks that are different colors!

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