Does 100 Percent Winners Work?

The whole concept behind 100 Percent Winners is to allow the user to go in search of only the best opportunities for sports betting events. It’s been designed to work with bookmaker’s websites and pull in valuable data and help you decide which little gems you should snatch up. You might describe it as a gold miner.

Does 100 Percent Winners Really Work Though?

There have been some huge claims about what it’s potential really is. I think more importantly if you treat it from the perspective of a very valuable tool, you’ll appreciate it much more. It used to be that bettors would have to rely on crumby calculators to figure out their arbs, but this can do all of that for you.

You can certainly play around with it quite a bit, but there are only two drawbacks to it. The first is that you will have to go and set up each account with each bookmaker before you can use 100 Percent Winners.

The next flaw is not really with the arbitrage program itself, but with sports betting in general. That is the fact that having a nice bankroll will benefit the user so that they have some cash to play around with and can make a higher return on their investment.

Can You Really Find Good Arbs With 100 Percent Winners?

The short answer is yes, the long answer is that you will have to be a little patient at times. Many arbs do have decent returns, but the high ones that you might be drooling over may not always be flooding the program.

However, it can be a lot of fun as you never know what the system is going to find. In some cases you might locate an arb with a profit potential of 3 – 5%, and at other times it can be closer to 40%, 50% or even 60+%.

Is Using 100 Percent Winners Illegal To Use?

Absolutely not. Arbitrage is a perfectly well respected process of sports betting, and all of the bookmakers are quite aware that it goes on. In the long run they have the advantage of being able to adjust everything anyway.

This tool simply allows you to better micro-manage what you would normally be doing without it. For instance, you take the time to set up your accounts, then tie them into the software and it can act as many eyes for you. You can even place the bets from within the program as well.

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