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There isn’t a lot to the gameplay of Rooster Invaders: it is a humorous reskin of classic shoot-em-ups, with all of the options you’d expect from that. As you advance, you may uncover presents that let you improve your ship with new and more powerful weapons. Blast enough chickens and you will be rewarded with drumsticks. Collecting drumsticks can earn you a strong missile which can allow you to get past particularly difficult sections. Each degree consists of ten waves; at the end of every ten waves, you will struggle a boss, after which you will warp to the next stage. That’s it, more or site ( less: it is a standard arcade-type sport with out story, characters, or gameplay wrinkles. The added weirdness of your targets being chickens does lend the entire thing an air of bizarre humour.

If the foxes catch more chickens in free video games, you get extra real cash prizes ranging from 50 to 2,000 coins. In the event that they gather white eggs throughout free spins, you get up to 10 extra free slot spins rounds where you possibly can play Hen Fox at no cost and nonetheless gather real money payouts.

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