Mercy Cedar Rapids Hosting 32nd Annual Especially For You Race Against Breast Cancer

A new study links men who consumed high rates of ultra-processed foods to a 29% higher risk for developing colorectal cancer than men who consumed much smaller amounts. “Our exemplary nurses are a valued and crucial part of our world class healthcare team,” said chief nurse executive Nancy May, D.N.P., R.N. Between FY 2017 and FY 2021, VA spending on community care rose from $10.1 billion to $21.8 billion–a 116% increase that does not factor in the costs of administering the program.

A team of U.S. researchers has discovered a potential candidate for drug development from a rare species of actinomycete bacterium called Lentzea flaviverrucosa. While medicine has made enormous leaps in the treatment of other diseases, innovative new treatments for autoimmune disease have lagged behind. Patients are often diagnosed and treated based on their symptoms, rather than the underlying cause of their condition, and there has been little to no success on preventing autoimmunity before it develops. Implementing new policies during the COVID-19 pandemic reduced barriers to telehealth delivery of buprenorphine treatment for opioid-use disorder for veterans seeking care, a new study reports. This transfer of genes between hominin species affects how the immune system of modern humans reacts to infections, such as the coronavirus.

The presence of some fungal species in tumors predicts — and may even help drive — worse cancer outcomes, according to a new … A study provides experimental evidence of an association between a variant in MTSS2 gene and a novel neurological disorder in … Scientists took 4D ultrasound scans of 100 pregnant women to see how their unborn babies responded to flavors from foods eaten by their mothers. If you are thinking of becoming a YouTuber or podcaster, before you put your reputation on the line, prednisone reviews be aware of these important tips from a healthcare attorney.

A newly identified set of molecules alleviated pain in mice while avoiding the sedating affect that limits the use of opiates, according to a new study. Street Medicine Reaches People Where They Live Learn why providing dignified, primary care to the homeless is so important. In a two-arm, parallel randomized controlled trial, scientists from the University of South Australia and Texas Tech University examined the effect of…

NBP14, a new drug candidate from Neuro-Bio Ltd., effectively treats the signs of neurodegeneration in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease, according… Researchers have developed a new approach to engineering natural killer cells with a second chimeric antigen receptor to act as a logic gate, requiring two signals to eliminate a target …

“If we can identify those at risk early, and get them into proper treatment, we’re likely to be able to prevent a lot of serious effects of postpartum depression,” Sabunciyan says. The VA healthcare system currently is grappling with about 50,000 vacancies, mostly among doctors, nurses, social workers and physician aides. In addition, the turnover rate among nurses is the highest the department has experienced since 2005. For patients with bipolar disorder, medication management appears to work as well with primary care clinicians supported by psychiatrists as direct psychiatrist care.

Military personnel exposed to attacks with high explosives frequently experience neuropsychiatric symptoms, including cognitive dysfunction, behavioral changes, mood disturbances and suicidality. Michael Ho, MD, PhD, a staff cardiologist at VA Eastern Colorado Health Care, has spent much of his professional career studying how veterans access VA and the barriers that might stand in their way.

Decker said he’s hopeful that this year’s registration can beat that record. Although serious allergic reactions to mRNA vaccines are extremely rare, fear of them has driven hesitancy among some potential recipients. That especially has been the case when an adverse effect occurred after the first dose. The presence of sickle cell trait should be considered an adverse prognostic factor for COVID-19, according to a new study. Backlogs in high-volume gastrointestinal endoscopic procedures, such as colonoscopy occurred during the current COVID-19 pandemic, especially in the early days.

Medical researchers have discovered how to create more accurate, consistent brain organoids to develop treatments for neurological … In one of the largest single-center COVID-19 cohort studies to date, researchers have identified a key driver of COVID-19 disease severity. An obscure family of viruses, already endemic in wild African primates and known to cause fatal Ebola-like symptoms in some monkeys, is ‘poised for spillover’ to humans, according to new …

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